WHL'i uudiskiri: Juuni 2016
7. juuli 2016

Hello WHL Members and Associate Members,

We wanted to share with you our latest WHL Newsletter!  This edition covers our awards, WHD 2016, an update on TRUE, as well as many other issues.  The PDF version is attached to this e-mail and you can also find it on our website at:
To see a complete list of WHD Activities visit our website at: 
We will keep you all updated on our planning and progress for WHD 2017! We could not have reached our WHD goal of 3 million BP Screenings without the efforts of every single one of you!
Thank you!

04.02.2018  EHÜ aastakonverents 2018
09.02.2017  May Measurement Month (MMM)
07.01.2017  ESH 2017
17.11.2016  Kutse alkoholikonverentsile „Piirid ja piirangud?“
01.09.2016  WHL'i uudiskiri September 2016
07.07.2016  WHL'i uudiskiri: Juuni 2016
22.06.2016  Maailma Hüpertensiooni Liiga tegemistest
10.05.2016  CPPEI 2016 Congress, Bratislava
13.03.2016  Euroopa Hüpertensiooni Ühingu 26. kongress
17.02.2016  EHÜ aastakoosolek ja aruandlusvalimiskoosolek

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